Do you know that sentence “you understand the importance of someone you love only when you do no longer have him” (or something similar)? I know, this sounds so corny, but it is also so true and, unfortunately, I’m just realizing it now. Now that I have lost you, now that I’m not able to find you at every corner, now that I desperately need you, you are no longer here. I didn’t know that we would have lived apart from each other. I assumed we would have been together forever. I assumed you would have followed me, or, that I would have found you here, waiting for me as an old friend does.

Now, I’m thinking at all the times I refused you, the times where you annoyed me, the times I took you for granted, the times I snubbed you, the times where I postponed our dates because I had other “better alternatives”. I thought we would have been inseparable, I thought we would have lived together forever. I assumed you would have been with me when I needed you the most and now, only now, I realize it’s too late because I’ve lost you.

Please, come back. Just give me another chance. I promise I will behave properly. I’ll respect you and I’ll never deride you again. Never, I swear! I’ll enjoy your company because I like you and not because I have to. I promise I’ll never complain about you, your smell, taste, consistency, or appearance. I’ll accept you as you are, without any further judgement.


Please, I cannot live without you. I have been so arrogant, so overconfident, so bullish. But, now, I know. I know that my life without you does not make any sense. I know I cannot resist without you any longer. I know that we are meant to be together. I know that I would give everything up just to have you.

I know what is important now. I made mistakes, unforgivable mistakes. But now I understand. I understand that you make my life better. I don’t care if you don’t feel the same as I do because I can stand it. I’m strong enough to survive a rejection, but I’m not that strong to live my whole life without you. I need you to be part of my life, now!

Please, just give me another chance. I know I will not disappoint you again. I’ll not let you down, I swear! Please, please, please will you come back? I miss you so much.

One more thing, if you do come back, consider that I do not have an oven…and if you are really coming back, dear beloved PIZZA, keep in mind my unfortunate situation!