This is the new report  about antibiotic resistance in the US. As you can read, the antibiotics used in farm animals can increase humans antibiotic’s resistance, making the medicines, we all take, no longer effective.  In the U.S, antibiotics are used as promotor of growth and as preventive and curative medical treatments, while in the EU are used only as curative treatment.


It must be taken into account that if antibiotics are used as curative care the animal cannot be ‘processed’ for a defined period of time. In this way, the antibiotic should not be present in the meat anymore.

However, as you can read in this report (I’m sorry but it is in Italian), traces of antibiotics were found in chicken meat sold in numerous european supermarkets.


So, how can we be sure of what we eat? Do we need to stop or decrease the amount of meat we eat in order to be safe? And how the different governments aim to resolve this situation?